DPN or Burning The Candle At Both Ends

For those that don’t know, “DPN” stands for “double pointed needles”. (Imagine bamboo shish kebob skewers that are pointy at both ends.) People knit with them. How they think that is easier than single ended knitting needles or even crocheting, I’m not sure. It’s been a mystery to me for quite some time.

Being the adventurous type when it comes to trying new tools or making my own designs as I go, I decided to try “The Bear That Saved Me” pattern from “Mad Man Knitting” blogger Gregory Patrick. I’ve made many critters and gifts for friends and friends of friends via crocheting, so I thought it can’t be that hard and I’d give it a whirl, especially since teddy bears are top of my list right after dragons, and I felt I could use a new little friend to keep me company.

I understand the theory. Caste on # of stitches and then divide them between 3, yes, three double pointed needles, so that basically you have a tripod frame for your stitches. You then take a 4th needle and use that to knit the stitches off of each of the 3 needles in the tripod. Of course knitting basically transfers the stitches from one needle to the other while adding a row of stitches. Once the one in your left hand is empty, you put that needle in your right hand and move onto to the next side of the tripod. Sounds simple? It’s not nearly that easy and although I have 20 some rows done, I can’t seem to find a rhythm to it yet.

It’s a lot like making a list of your weekend schedule. It looks easy and well organized and you think  “No problem. I can get this accomplished and still have time left over.” Then when put into practice you find you don’t have nearly enough hours in the weekend and you don’t even come close to getting everything done. They are quite similar. I can crochet a critter in a few days if I’m not working any on anything else and that’s including going to work. But DPN’s? Oh heck no!! Not easy to do and a lot more counting, so a lot more being focused on what you are doing. It’s not even in the same ballpark on the ratio of how experienced you need to be to get this done!

So I work on a row or two at a time before I call it a night, if I can keep my eyes open that long. I couldn’t afford to have Gregory make  me one. (I splurged just to buy the yarn, needles, & pattern.) It’s just me these days to make ends meet, so I’m determined to learn to use DPN’s, even if it requires burning the candle at both ends to try to find that little bit of focus time to complete the next row. I’ll never be a pro football player, but I understand the game. So it is with DPN’s. I’ll never be a knitting needle ninja, but I’m going to finish my bear, even if it’s one row at a time each night, before I head off to the land of Nod….


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