Food for Thought….

I did something tonight that I don’t do but once in a rare while. To pass the time during a rare slow stretch at work, I shared with a dear friend a little bit about the last 20 yrs of my life and how I came to be where I am here in western Pa. I very rarely share any of that information with anyone. Not all of it is things I’m proud of and it includes hurts as well as triumphs and a testimonial or two of survival.

Usually when I tell a story about something that happens in my day to day world, I do it in such a way to may people smile or even laugh, as I will come off as a bit of a dork. I have a love/hate relationship with Murphy’s Law. I hate the way Murphy loves me. Murphy’s Law has an uncanny way of showing up in my life regularly. Tonight, however, I did more than that. I spoke of the downs and as well as the ups. At times my listener gasped in surprise and at other times I had her and any one else, within hearing distance, chuckling.

As we called it a night and walked out to our respective vehicles, she said “With all you’ve done and been thru, you should write a book.” My first thought was “Nah, I can’t even write a blog.” Instead I laughed, and said “Knowing my luck, no one would read it.” I told her I have a roof over my head, a place to call home even if only temporarily, a job that doesn’t pay enough to live off of, and a clunker of a car that I pray over daily to help keep repairs to a minimum. I consider myself blessed. Next week makes it two years I’ve been living by myself, (a record for me) and it will be 5 years I’ve lived in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

With that anniversary coming up, it has brought some of the events of the past back to the surface of my memories. Yes, I know I’ve done and experienced a lot more in life than some, but I also know there are numerous people in the world that have done far more. I guess what makes my experiences different is the way I looked at them and how I reacted to them. Would anyone care to read about them? Only time will tell. I have much to think about this week….


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