Not Enough…

There’s not enough of me! I don’t mean size wise. There isn’t enough of me to do all the things that I want to do. Most people make a bucket list of things they want to do and places they want to go and see, etc. My bucket list is things I want to make before my hands are too arthritic to quilt or knit and I’m too blind to thread a needle! I want to be able to crochet all the dragons I have yarn picked out and stashed for. I want to get better with double ended knitting needles so I can be a knitting ninja and have a whole shelf of teddy bears. I want to finish the Americana quilt that I’ve been hand quilting off and on.

My bucket list is filled with projects. The problem is this…(I’ll tell you but you have to promise to keep and open mind and not laugh.)…I spent 16 years in a dry, southwestern climate; then I moved to the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. The land of hills and humidity. Don’t get me wrong, It’s beautiful here. The problem I estimate is that my body has aged approx. 8-10 years in the 5 years I have been in Pa. “Why?” do you ask. I got used to the dry climate, which is the best place to be if you have arthritis or a lot of joint pain. Pennsylvannia has a LOT of humidity and I’ve given up on ever finding a straight level stretch of road in the county I live in. It doesn’t exist. That means there is either hills or stairs to climb every where you go. (Sooo not good for the knees.)

The older I get, the faster I age. I know that statement may sound stupid, but it’s the truth in my case.   I may act like a 48 yr old dork with a twisted sense of humor, and I’ve forgotten more of my talents then I can remember, but I don’t look 48. In spite of not stooping to plucking the grey hairs yet, I look like I’m in my late 50’s. (The only thing saving me from looking even older is the hair.) I’ve come to realize this year that my years left to complete my bucket list of projects is dwindling faster and faster. I need to start taking my bucket list seriously if I am to complete it.

That’s why there’s not enough! Not enough of me to go to work, catch up the laundry and the house work, and work on my projects, etc. I tend to be multi-talented. They take advantage of that at work and have me cross trained for several teams so that I can take calls for 8 different lines. (My record so far is 7 lines at once.) Now there’s a possibility of multiple clients on those lines so I never get two calls in a row of the same. The same is also true of my crafting abilities. If I’m on a website such as Pinterest, I just usually put “Too many to list” in my profile. Some crafts I literately don’t have time for although I do enjoy them. Others I have simple given up doing any more and have moved on to other talents. (I’ll post an example later on.) But I digress.

Not enough of me to go around. To work on my bucket list and still keep up on everything else. Not enough hours in the day. Not enough days in my weekend. There’s just not enough. So this year I have decided desperately to have a little faith and believe in some old fashioned magic. I’m going to write to the big man himself. I’m going to ask for 6 clones of me. By my estimate, that should be enough to keep the household and work in order and up to date and still give me extras for catching up on sleep and to assist with the crafting. Yep. Six should just about do it. I figure if f St. Nicholas can’t help me, no one can!

So wish me luck. I’m off to write my first draft on my all important letter….

Oh, and have a fabulous day!

Retired crafts

Prolific counted cross stitcher

Renaissance clothing maker

Plastic canvas stitcher

Thimble collector

Household sewing

Current crafts



Machine piecing-hand quilter

Wool crafter (penny rugs)

Amateur writer of stories and poetry

Dragon and teddy bear collector

Sewing projects in general

And the list goes on…..


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