Blogging? What Ever Would I Say?


I just gave myself a blister sweeping the floors in the place I call home these days? (Last week’s blister was from yard work.) Nah. Nobody wants to hear that. I cope the best I can and do what needs to be done. Home doesn’t clean itself. Where’s Dr. Seuss when you need him?

I used to write fairly regularly, back in the days of My Space. But those days we all had our little cliques of writers, and we didn’t have to worry if it was G-rated or Adults only. Now a days, I don’t dare cuss if I can’t find some special symbols! I know I’ve bottled up way too much for way too long. The words no longer flow as they used to. Perhaps that is what has drawn me to here. Not just to read other blogs, but to let out some of the madness that accumulates from dealing with the daily social insanity.

My sense of humor is what saves me from the insanity. It has a terrible habit of popping up with the worst timing. My day isn’t usually complete if I haven’t put a smile on a coworker’s face some where thru out the day. Whether I’m being a dork or mischievous doesn’t bother me. It’s the kindnesses and happiness I have given others, that will be remembered long after I am gone. It’s my legacy, so to speak. That and the things I create.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not all sunshine. I have my dark moments like any one else. For Heaven’s sake, I’m three quarters Irish, with a serious dose of Swedish thrown in, and I have a friend who swears I am part Elf. Yes, I said “ELF”, but that’s a blog for another day. *smiles*